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Our Mission 44 Years Strong

"To serve as supportive companions to the Triangle residents on their journey

to physical, mental, and spiritual health."

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Community Nurse Opening at TCM

Triangle Community Ministry has an opening for a registered nurse who would work in collaboration with our staff and board  as an employee of SSM Health. This position offers full-time benefits, working 32 hours per week as a Faith Community Nurse. As an independent practitioner supervised by SSM and advised by TCM board members with nursing experience, this position is mission driven, offering free medical and psychological support to many of the more than 350 residents of public housing in Madison's historic Triangle neighborhood. More than 90% of this population is classified as either physically or mentally disabled, or both. The unique opportunity provided by this position is to establish long-term relationships with a diverse population who face a variety of challenges. If you are interested in applying for this position, please call Jim Rosenberger at 973-800-2561 or send your resume to


Who We Are

The Triangle Community Ministry, Inc. (TCM) serves over 350 residents living in the Triangle Neighborhood of Madison, Wisconsin, most of whom are challenged by chronic mental, emotional, physical, and/or developmental disabilities. TCM is dedicated to the development of personal dignity, self-empowerment, and community building among its residents. We encourage and support participation within the broader community, provide holistic health services at no cost to the individual, and are an inclusive ministry that does not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, and/or national or ethnic origin. Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, TCM develops relationships with generous donors and grantors to support the vulnerable in our community.

Supporting the Whole Person

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Since 1998, Triangle Community Ministry has partnered with St. Mary's Hospital to provide an onsite nurse serving residents with routine medical support and a caring presence during medical procedures and after care. Food distribution, and Monday Meals program reduce food insecurity and provide a comfortable setting for residents to interact and consult with the nurse on a near weekly basis.


Outreach Development Coordinator staff and  TCM's active Board provide creative opportunities to learn, meet neighbors, socialize, create art and find ways to empower residents to live rich and fulfilling lives. Many residents have lived in their homes for over a decade or longer. TCM helps provide a safe, secure and inviting environment to age in place.


With our mission to be a ministry of presence always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with mental and spiritual challenges of those living with disabilities and poverty.  With sensitivity to residents' varied religious and non-religious commitments, our onsite chaplain provides a personal ministry of presence to alleviate the strain faced by residents in navigating relationships and their daily lives.


"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination."

Nelson Mandela

Contact Triangle Community Ministry

Jim Rosenberger, President  |
755 Braxton Place #B101, Madison WI 53715   ph 608-257-8517

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