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"TCM serves as a supportive companion to the residents of the Triangle on their journey to physical, mental, and spiritual health."



A Full Circle of Partnership

The season of Thanksgiving and gratitude surrounds us and gives us hope amidst all the conflict and hard times many in our country face.  The flu season is soon coming too, and, as in the past, there is a need for “Flu Bags” full of remedies to ease the flu symptoms. The Triangle Community Ministry (TCM) has previously provided these bags through their parish nurse/Faith Community Nurse. This year with a vacancy in that position, retired parish nurses are stepping in to meet the Triangle residents` need.  St. Mary’s Hospital and TCM are working in partnership to actively recruit for this open parish nurse position. 

 Our Savior’s Lutheran provided a generous Thrivent Grant for hydration and nutrition drinks to add to the bags' collection of healthful contents. The bags themselves were also donated and they were decorated with a cheery look and upbeat message by our volunteers.

Who better than retired Parish Nurse Betsy Knight and St. Mary’s President Emeritus Jerry Leffert to help organize the decorating of these bags by fellow residents at All Saints Assisted Living, a part of Catholic Charities.  Thanks to their giving spirit and organizational skills, Jerry and Betsy are supporting and helping this partnership fulfill a vital need for many.

Jerry Leffert was President of St. Mary’s when the Parish Nursing program began in 1997. For even longer forty-four years the Triangle ministry has been in action. The TCM joined the parish nursing program in 1997 and continues to serve residents on their journey to physical, mental and spiritual health. 

This is yet another example of good-hearted individuals being thankful they can help out people in need. Those who have been helping others for a lifetime just keep on giving. 

Flu Bags
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90% of our residents are at or below the poverty line. Income spent on food may mean going without necessities. Our amazing partnerships with the Second Harvest Food Bank and SSM Dean Health Group helps us ensure there is fresh food available for every resident. We are invested in an innovative approach that empowers our community and delivers the support they need, when they need it.


All human beings need to belong and have outlets for their skills and interests whatever their physical, mental, or financial situation.  TCM's Art for Life offers classes in drawing, sculpting, casting, painting, and other media. The classes are an opportunity for community members to build friendships and find the joy of being creative.

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"Let's Party" by JL Glenn


People with an average income or higher, may not understand the difficulty of maintaining health under the stress of a very low income. TCM's partnership with St. Mary's Health provides an onsite nurse to assist residents with multiple health and wellness concerns. The attention of the nurse reduces stress and provides needed services for residents, many of whom are living with more than one physical or mental issue.