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Health & Wellness        Food Security         Social Activities

"TCM serves as a supportive companion to the residents of the Triangle on their journey to physical, mental, and spiritual health."


90% of our residents are at or below the poverty line. Income spent on food may mean going without necessities. Our amazing partnerships with the Second Harvest Food Bank and DHP by Medica helps us ensure there is fresh food available for every resident. We are invested in an innovative approach that empowers our community and delivers the support they need, when they need it.

A team of Dean Health Plan by Medica volunteers take a break from their work responsibilities once a month to unload, move, and sort food delivered by Second Harvest. TCM staff help coordinate with residents including delivering food to some residents whose disabilities prevent them from visiting the food pantry and bringing supplies to their apartments.


People with an average income or higher, may not understand the difficulty of maintaining health under the stress of a very low income. TCM's partnerships with SSM Health and United Way provides an onsite nurse to assist residents with multiple health and wellness concerns. The attention of the nurse reduces stress and provides needed services for residents, many of whom are living with more than one physical or mental issue.


Every Monday evening, we bring in volunteers from organizations and churches in Dane County to help us provide a hot meal and a reason for residents to socialize with each other, members of the wider community, and TCM staff and board members. 


There are many ways this community is vulnerable to the long-term effects of trauma. Whether it be childhood abuse or neglect, inappropriate interactions with people who do not understand the behavioral expressions of physical and mental disability, or specific event-driven PTSD such as military service or other unfortunate. Loss of a loved one is one more example. And grief can be even more acute when combined with pre-existing anxiety from other sources including poverty and disability. We offer grief counseling groups to those in need.



The season of Thanksgiving and gratitude surrounds us and gives us hope amidst all the conflict and hard times many in our country face.  The flu season is soon coming too, and, as in the past, there is a need for “Flu Bags” full of remedies to ease the flu symptoms. This program follows are annual flu vaccine clinic administered by our nurse in partnership with Edgewood College student nurses.


Twice a month, led by a resident board member, we offer yet another opportunity for residents to leave their apartments, engage socially, and participate in purposeful activity through a creative writing group. 


In June, residents joined board members, staff, and volunteers for an outdoor barbecue in Brittingham Park. The large New Horizons brass band entertained with classic jazz tunes while everyone enjoyed brats, burgers, side dishes, desserts, and beverages. 


Last year's annual resident holiday party was well attended and lively, Music, good food, carols, and gifts highlighted a spirited celebration of the season.

Chaplain Bob, Rev Peder, and Nurse Carri often receive essentials donated by partner organizations and offer them to the neediest residents. 

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